BC Rural Network

About BC Rural Network

The BC Rural Network is a registered non-profit society in the Province of British Columbia. The BC Rural Network was formed in 2004 to enhance the capacity of rural British Columbia to develop responses to rural and remote community issues. Membership is open to all organizations that serve a rural constituency, and/or whose mandate is concerned with issues of interest and relevance to rural citizens and communities, including non-profit organizations, governments, and businesses, and any individual from the community at large with an interest in rural community issues. See the members page for more information.

The BC Rural Network dialogues with rural communities and organizations across BC through a series of annual regional forums, regular newsletters, the biennial BC Rural Communities Summit, a listserv, and this website.

Purpose & Mandate:

PictureBC_Million_Dollar_View-1400The BC Rural Network aims to build stronger rural and remote communities in BC by promoting better understanding of rural issues across all jurisdictions, and developing responses to rural issues. The BCRN aims to achieve this by:

  • Acting as a coordinating body for the dissemination of information, tools, and resources of importance to rural and remote communities in British Columbia,
  • Acting as a catalyst to build linkages between communities, rural organizations, and policy-makers who work on issues of importance to rural and remote communities in British Columbia.
  • Improving awareness of the current work of existing rural groups and organization in BC by providing a forum for rural and remote communities and organizations to voice concerns and issues, and learn from each other.

BC Rural Network Board of Directors 2017:

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