BC Rural Network

Eleanor Taylor

Eleanor has worked in several fields including the Arts, Environment, Education and Health. For the past fifteen years she has been employed with the BC Health Authorities as a Program Administrator to support healthy community development and cancer and chronic disease prevention. She has worked throughout BC and in many rural communities as a partner and collaborator with municipal gov’ts, First Nations, allied health care agencies, NGOs and community businesses. Eleanor has presented at many conferences on a local, regional, provincial and national level.

Previous to her work with the BC Ministry of Health, Eleanor worked as a consultant in the areas of community development, food security, research, youth training programs, curriculum development, and as a professional artist.

Eleanor has a B.A., and a B.Ed. (PD-PP), NIA White Belt certificate, Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, MI Certificate, Fitness Certificate, NIC Dependence Certificate from Mayo Clinic, Program Development Certificate. Her skills include facilitation, program design and presentation, proposal writing, program management, community development, mentorship for post – secondary student practicums, budget management, committee membership, collaborative partnership development among many others.

Eleanor has a strong interest in sustainable communities, career support for youth, food security, environmental responsibility and social impact issues such as child poverty rates in BC and legal support systems for women.

Eleanor is also an avid gardener, kayaker, mtn biker, hiker, photographer, and student of natural horsemanship. She is a Nana and is fully engaged in supporting her grandchildren. Eleanor aspires to be a yoga teacher to provide greater insight into its healing properties.